The Robot’s Guide to Music
Volume 2

Music magazine The Music Mermaid says "The Robot’s Guide To Music: Volume 2 is a dizzying feat of thematic rock genius. Through waves and waves of indie-rock flavor, Fellow Robot deliver a true exploration of a world they’ve created just for us. It’s an honor."

Available on streaming, colored vinyl, and CD.

Split 7” with Bundy

A killer four song EP with Fellow Robot and Bundy, featuring exclusive studio tracks and live cuts on red & black splatter vinyl.

Available on colored vinyl.

The Robot’s Guide To Music
Volume 1

Critic Bob Leggett said of Fellow Robot’s first record “… they definitely have the potential for great things, and are setting the bar high with this dynamic debut album.  We highly recommend you simply put this one on repeat.  You will want to hear them over and over.”

Available on streaming, colored vinyl, and CD.